This Is It! Your Top Picks!


Wow! Thanks so much for participating in picking the top 10 of my favorite images of 2015.  Some of you went the extra mile and wrote why you picked each image. Thank you for taking the time to do that.

Two of my favorite images did not make the cut; ‘Transition’ and ‘Keeper of the Refuge’. I’m not surprised. Photographers, and artist, seldom are able to pick their own ‘winners’, and that’s okay. Even though Ricky Nelson sang; …”you got to please yourself”…as artist we strive to please our audience. By the responses I got on the blog and personal emails, I had a good year.

And now I am off to find new and exciting images to share with you for the Best of 2016. May it be your best year, too.

There was a tie for No. 1 so first 2 images are labeled 1

9 - Dawn Crossing
1 – Dawn Crossing
1 - Friendly Face
1 – Friendly Face
8 - King of the Road
2 – King of the Road
11 - Joyful Jump
3 – Joyful Jump
17 - The Offering
4 – The Offering
6 - Dependent
5 – Dependent
4 - Amphibious Flight
6 – Amphibious Flight
7 - Chilkoot Lake
7 – Chilkoot Lake
18 - Winter Flight
8 – Winter Flight
16 - Mono Lake Strom
9 – Mono Lake Strom
19 - Rise Up
10 – Rise Up

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  1. David Ramirez

    Great shots as always Jim!

    Hope to see you at Winter Wings.

  2. Barry


    Don’t know why you didn’t have ten ties for first place. They are all amazing, Keep up the good work.

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