People’s Choice…and the envelope please

The votes are in and the winners have been picked. The top 11, as there was a tie for 10th place, are posted below.
I thank everyone who participated in helping me find what you like best. 260 votes where cast and the top image received a whopping 10% of all votes.
And I understand why, cute sells!

Here they are in order of rank;

No. 1:  I love you Mom
01 - I Love You Mom

No. 2:  Egg for Breakfast

12 - Egg for Breakfast

No. 3:  Dancing Beaver

04 - Dancing Beaver

No. 4:  Too Close Whale

11 - Too Close

No. 5:  Monument Weather

18 - Monument Weather

No. 6:  Family Outing

13 - Family Outing

No. 7:  Salt Pan

16 - Salt Pan Death Valley

No. 8:  Monadnack Rising17 - Monadnock Rising

No. 9: Ambush  03 - Ambush

No. 10: Pika 

14 - Pika with Gloves On

No. 11:  Springtime in the Rockies

21 - Springtime in the Rockies

Naturally, I like them all, however, my favorites are; No. 5:  Monument Weather and No. 8:  Monadnack Rising which is a little strange since neither are wildlife and that is what I love to photograph the most.

Thank you all again for participating and I hope you had fun, I sure did. I will try real hard to have another batch for you to pick the best of 2015.

I’d love to read your comments so please do.

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  1. Evelyn Yonker

    Hi Jim

    I love #1 and #2. good luck.

  2. Bob Kinkle

    Love them all. Favorites 1and 6. Maybe some day we can charter boat out of Juneau and hunt
    Blue Bears. Still working though. Bob

  3. Kim Wyatt

    Beautiful work, Jim!

  4. Joan Young

    They’re all great. Too Close Whale is spectacular……how did you do it?; I Love You Mom is a favorite of mine and Monadnack Rising is mysterious, beautiful. I want to go there. Joan

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