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  • Home Invasion

    View from our deck. Okay, not a real home invasion, just that this bobcat came on our deck and by the paw prints, may have looked into the sliding glass door. Just as it turned it caught Kathy’s eye. She was sitting at the counter …

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  • Pick Your Favs of 2014

    Another year is coming to a close and this is the time I get to reflect on all the adventures we had in 2014. The best part; I get to share my favorite images with you. Looking back through my images I found way too …

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  • One Year Ago

    I like to look back one year to see where I was and what image I made. This image was made June 21 2011, Yosemite Falls. Darn, wish I was there. Ah the digital age. I can easily retrieve any image by date in Lightroom. …

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