Adventure Costa Rica!

Hello, friends and fans.  I am going to write a little on  our most recent adventure, Costa Rica!

We have just returned from a month in Costa Rica.  During that time we guided  an “In The Rhythm™” tour of 12 adventurers to some of our favorite areas.  
The 11-day, 10-night tour included birds, monkeys, crocodiles, jungles, more birds, coffee tour, beaches, sunsets, more birds, swimming in the pacific, boat rides, zip lines for some, more birds, and lots of great food! 

We visited Manuel Antonio National Park – a favorite for some, Volcan Arenal – unfortunately it was hidden by low clouds, Carara National Park, Santa Maria, Cartago, and a very special place, San Geraldo de Dota.
Since the tour was such a great success, we have added 2 more tours for next year.  A total of three tours in January, February, or March. The tours are designed for photographers, birders, and anyone who just wants to see Costa Rica and join the fun. “It’s not a vacation, it’s an ADVENTURE!”  If you want to learn more about “In The Rhythm™” Tours and Workshops, drop an email to:

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