Title: Yellowstone Wildlife and Landscapes Spring 2015


June 1 – 4


$995 • 4 full days


Springtime in Yellowstone NP is an exciting time. Bison, Moose and Elk have dropped their young. Bears are on the prowl looking for opportunities to fatten up after a long hibernation. We arrive by dawn at Mammoth Hot Springs looking for newly born elk calves. The travertine formations form many abstract compositions for our lenses as the hot water bubbles out of the ground. After a great morning shoot we are off to find more wildlife babies and incredible landscapes.

We continue on to the Lamar Valley looking for wolves and bears. Bison herds move in unison as the brand new calves jump, play and chase each other. The sun warms us as we make many wildlife images. After lunch we stroll down one of the many boardwalks to get abstract shots of the mineral deposits as steam rises all around us. Old Faithful erupts on time and fills our cards with memorable images. Join Jim and Kathy Stamates for 4 wild days to learn, experience , and capture the essence of Yellowstone National Park in the Spring.

This is an intense 4 days of photography. We will position ourselves each day before dawn for the best light and best wildlife or landscape options. We will visit the many icons of Yellowstone including Yellowstone Falls, Old Faithful, Grand Prismatic, Mammoth Hot Springs and more, while keeping a keen eye for wildlife along the way. Each day ends with our cards filled with exceptional images. We eat lunch as a group at one of the local restaurants with time to socialize and get to know fellow enthusiasts. Instruction will be in the field. No strenuous hiking.

Low Impact Wildlife Photography is an Authorized Permittee of the National Park Service

You will learn:

The 3 Keys to making great images:
How to expose for active wildlife and quiet scenics
How to anticipate what your subject will do and where it will go
How to find the best locations and angles for stunning images
Camera settings the pros use and why
Field techniques of a professional wildlife photographer
LIFT – Low Impact Field Techniques
How and ‘when not’ to Approach Wildlife
Long Lens shooting techniques
Tripod Use Made Simple
The 5 Foot Rule
The 600 Rule
The Sunny 16 Rule
How to break the rules with intent

Wildlife Species
Most Likely:
Grizzly Bears
Big Horn Sheep
Black Bears
Bald Eagles

(because wildlife is wild there are no guarantees what we will see and photograph)

What is included:

Expert guidance from a Professional Wildlife Photography Team (Jim and Kathy Stamates)
Workshop Materials
4 days of intense photography
Great Camaraderie with like minded enthusiasts

What is NOT included:

Airfare; Closest Airport – BZN at Bozeman MT
NOTE: It is about 90 mi. To Garner 1.5 hour drive. Allow enough time to be there for the orientation which will be around 6PM.
Lodging, Meals, and Transportation are not included (car pooling suggested)
We will stay in Gardner MT for the first 2 nights and Cooke City for 2 nights and back to Gardner for our last night (a list of lodging will be sent after registration, camping is also an option)

What to Pack:

I will email a suggested pack list to all participants including an equipment list for camera gear upon registration. No strenuous hiking.