Face Time with the D800E

As you know I’m not a people person…I mean people photographer. Occasionally I do shoot people when I’m out and about at an event like the Genoa (NV) Cowboy Poetry Festival I attended over the weekend. I went with some fellow photogs just to have fun. Usually I take my point-and-shoot memory camera on fun outings. I call it that ’cause it helps me remember where I’ve been and what I’ve done.

Since I’m still playing…eh…working with the D800E I was anxious to see how it would preform with people and clothes so I took it instead of my p&s. I’m happy to report I found no moire’. I’m also happy to report that I’m still blown away by the results I’m getting from this new film; 36 megapixels of low noise and maximum detail.
Check these out!

These images were shot at ISO800 with the 70-200mm Nikon Zoom 2.8 VR @ 200mm handheld. Both images were shot in FX mode, full frame 24x36mm. Detail from the full frame image follows each:

Cowboy Stare Down.
Here’s an enlarged section from the above image You can count the hairs on his nose!
The bad guy getting ready for a shootout with the good guys.
Enlarged section from above image – sunglasses reveals 3 good guys in white.