Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!  and Welcome!

The perfect day to start a blog that is mostly about how we can get back In The Rhythm™ of nature to improve our quality of life in work, play, and creativity.  
Can we find happiness celebrating Earth Day when there are so many problems facing the earth today?   
When Al Gore debuted “An Inconvenient Truth,” it was met with skepticism by many.  Now, just a couple of years later, everyone is going GREEN!  Just look at all the ads on TV: every other one talks about how GREEN this or that company is, how they are being responsible to the environment, how they are attempting to reduce their carbon footprint. Wow!  Even President Bush is admitting we have a global climate change problem.  When he took office he didn’t believe in global warming, said all the facts were not in.  Well, the facts were in! Some people were just in denial.  
So yes, we can celebrate!  We are making progress.  Let’s keep doing our part, reduce, reuse, recycle!  Have a great Earth Day, everyday!