Cinco de Mayo or The First Day of Spring!

It’s Cinco De Mayo and what a glorious day at Tahoe!  There is a golden morning light basking the trees and meadow behind my house as I sit and write this post.  Yesterday it rained and hailed and today everything sparkles as the sun reflects off the  wet and frost covered grasses.  Most of the snow is gone, green is starting to appear everywhere. Yep, spring has sprung in the high country! A month and a half later than the rest of the world, but it has finally arrived.

Spring is a time for rebirth, a time for flowers to bloom, trees to get new leaves, birds to nest, and many mammals to mate or have their babies.  Bears will be coming out with their new cubs, soon.  Everywhere you look, life is happening. 
So take some time, slow way down, take a walk into nature, whether in your own backyard or on a nearby trail.  For just a few minutes or all day.  Do it!  Get out in nature, take a deep breath, let the air wash away the winter cobwebs in your mind.  Look around and see what the rest of the world is doing. Listen to the birds, the brook, the grass. Get into the Rhythm! You will be reborn.