Best of 2013

Goodbye 2013 and good riddance! What a year! Very challenging  personally, professionally, and governmentally. But hey, let’s not talk politics.

The best thing last year was meeting all the great people at my workshops. Kathy and I made lots of new friends while enjoying what we love to do, spend time in nature!

Now is the time of year that my colleague Jim M. Goldstein @ JMG Galleries hosts his popular Best 10 Photos of the year project. The idea is to get us to look back at our images from the past year and find our favorites. Then we post a link on his site and the world can see what we’ve been doing in 2013.

And now, lift a glass of your favorite and let us toast to a great 2014 while enjoying my favorites of 2013.

This is my  favorite because of the situation, which I’ve wrote about in a previous post, and the fact it is a bobcat!Best of 2013-1

And my second favorite. You’ve probably seen the head-on shot from a previous post but for artistic value this is the one I’m going to hang on my wall. You should, too.Best of 2013-2

We’ve been spending some time on the coast lately and this  ‘day at the beach’ gave us this.Best of 2013-3

Another from the coast, Pt. Lobos.
This black-crowned night heron put on a show and I was able to get a flight shot.Best of 2013-4

Naturally the best 10 wouldn’t be complete without a few images from my Teton workshops. The young siblings are creating a bond that will last forever.Best of 2013-5

Look again. A great gray owl blends into the forest.Best of 2013-6

Stalking a photographer. The black bear was more interested in the hawthorne berries.Best of 2013-7

Sandhill cranes prepare a predawn fly out at a California wetland.Best of 2013-8

Every year I photograph Oxbow Bend at the Grand Tetons. Every year I get a different result.Best of 2013-9

The gods were smiling with the lighting on the loneliest road in America.Best of 2013-10

and the worst memory goes to…

Best of 2013-11


May the Great Spirit that moves through all things guide you safely on your journey.


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  1. Nannette

    Nice, Jim!

  2. Dave

    Wonderful pictures, Jim. The owl is the best! Best to you and Kathy in the New Year!

  3. Sheryl Ferguson

    Beautiful!! So envious of your lifestyle you two. Keep up the good work and enjoying life.

  4. Andrea

    You capture the most beautiful images. I have and always will admire your work. Happy new year!

  5. Loretta Bookhammer

    Beautiful photos…Really great shots-love them.I admire your fabulous talent…. Thanks. Happy New Year…

    1. Jim Stamates

      Thank you Loretta for your kind words and the best to you for 2014 and beyond.

  6. sandi whitteker

    Beautiful collection of favorites, Jim. Nice running into you at Taylor Creek.

  7. Daryl L. Hunter

    Great buch of photos Jim! A brooding hwy 50 is awesome. Your great grey is a stunning piece of acton. The beam of light at oxbow is striking – all are good. A fantastic year you had – See you out there 😀


    Everyone loves it when folks get together and share opinions.
    Great blog, stick with it!

  9. jim


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