Back For Bobcat Got Skunked

I know, I know. Of course I was hoping to see the bobcat again. After all, don’t we fish the same hole we caught the big one in? Don’t bears return to the same place they found a meal…years ago? So why not me? Should I just give up and say that bobcat sighting would never happen again in a million years! Not me! I drove 4 hours to the exact same place I last saw the bobcat. I waited. I hiked around looking for signs. Saw some too. Scat and tracks, but nothing new, they were fairly old.

I spent the night a couple of miles away. Returned the next morning and repeated my vigilance. But not for long. After awhile we headed to Adin and Ash Creek Wildlife Area.
Drove around, hiked a little, checked out some barns. And then…it happened!

Yep! Skunk! The subject of the trip. We saw 3 separate skunk in 3 different areas all feeding during the daytime. I didn’t want to get too close but since they were all feeding in open areas they had plenty of space to retreat if they felt threatened. Naturally I never got close enough to pose a threat and for the most part they had their nose to the ground. So there you have it. Went for bobcat, got skunked.

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  1. pzouzounis

    Hi Jim—Freddie and I are in D.C.–Freddie’s sister passed away last Thursday. Should be leaving next week.

    Peter Z

  2. sue waters

    Love your story Jim, sorry you didn’t see your Bobcat but thanks for sharing this great Skunk and your comment “there you have it” which brings another great memory, a song by Black Hawk, “There You Have It”♪ going to post the awesome video on Facebook, hope you see it and enjoy, love your awesome pictures and stories, hope you and Kathy have a great day or night whichever it is where you are 🙂

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