690 Lucky Break

I received an email about a pileated woodpecker nest on the west shore of Lake Tahoe.The directions where very specific so I planned an early morning shoot. Up at 6 am, the sky was solid overcast, not what I had hoped for. It was at least 40 minutes to the area of the nest and I knew I was leaving a little late. Lake Tahoe looked amazing as I rushed north to my destination. Emerald Bay itself was like glass with exceptional lighting so I just had to pull over to make a couple of quick images, my mind still on the pileated nest. Then, as if like magic, the sun pushed its way through the breaking clouds. Click. Click, click, click. and off to the nest. Back at the studio I was anxious to see my images of the woodpecker feeding its young. But then I saw this image, it jumped off the screen and overshadowed the pileated photos.

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